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Effects of the coronavirus on the delivery situation of our products

February 2020 - We have dealt with this topic in detail and are following the development with great attention. There are currently no delivery problems with our FISCHER products.

You can find our statement under the category downloads/certificates.

Dynamic filter monitoring now also directly possible with the differential pressure transmitter – FISCHER PRO-LINE®

September 2019 - A highlight of the DE90 is the integrated dynamic filter monitoring. This makes it possible to monitor the filters of demand-controlled ventilation systems over the entire operating range and to display the actual filter contamination.

This type of monitoring can lead to considerable savings in energy costs, filter costs and unscheduled downtimes. In addition, the function of dynamic filter monitoring in connection with comprehensive data logging is also available with the universal measured value indicator and data logger EA15.

Differential Pressure Transmitter DE49 for Ex Applications Extended

August 2019 - Due to the demand especially in hazardous areas of Ex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, the measuring ranges of the DE49 series in the low-pressure range have been extended. From now on, devices for the measuring ranges ± 25 Pa to ± 250 Pa are also available. The measuring range – 20 ... + 80 Pa, which is used in particular for monitoring clean rooms, should also be highlighted.

Due to the bidirectional measuring range, a flow reversal can be reliably detected. The DE49 differential pressure transmitter thus rounds off the application range of the DE23 and DE46 series, which are also designed for low-pressure applications.


March 2019 – New technical flyer!
Our multifunctional differential pressure transmitter DE90 can be used for the medium air and neutral gases. We have compiled a flyer with interesting facts and advantages for you. First information can be found in this document. Furthermore, we will present our new device at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt!


FISCHER inTouch EA15

March 2019 - New technical flyer!
Our universal measurement indicator EA15 and data logger monitors, documents and optimises your processes. With a dynamic filter monitoring you can reduce your operating costs.

FISCHER in-touch ® EA15

Digital 2-channel differential pressure transmitter DE43 for explosion-hazardous applications

February 2019 - For connection up to MODBUS-compatible automation systems, the 2-channel transmitter DE43 is now available for EX zones 2 and 22. The unit is typically used for technical air-conditioning, ventilation and surface applications.

Two process connections can be supplied (standard and with 90° angle rotation). Measurement ranges extend from 4 up to ± 16 mbar max.

As an optional feature the unit can also be supplied with 2 digital inputs for connection up to proximity switches. Additional querying is thus possible for these signals via the RS485 interface and the MODBUS RTU protocol from the overriding control system.

You will find further information on our homepage under the category Products/Differential Pressure.

SPECIAL SALE for portable measuring instruments until 30th September 2018

June 2018 - For our pressure hand-held gauge we have a summer special for you. The measuring instruments serve for field measurement of pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure in non-aggressive media.

The MA25 is available in two executions in the following measuring ranges: 0-200 mbar and 0-2 bar. The gross price was reduced for you from 471,00 Euros to 229.00 Euros. The MA31 features seven measuring ranges and was reduced from 769.00 Euros to 349.00 Euros. Our offer is valid until the end of September.

Application areas are versatile. The measuring instruments are for example applied for filter monitoring of air conditioners, service works at gas burners and in heating systems or for other inspection of industrial processes. Moreover, the devices are also frequently applied in the automotive sector.

You will find further Details in our Flyer.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your order.



DA09 in welded execution - NEW

May 2018 - The differential pressure measuring device is applied in the field of chemistry, petrochemistry, process engineering and marine and offshore technology. Thanks to the welded construction any elastomer seals are not required. The diaphragm pressure gauge was completely revised and replaces the screwed execution. Class accuracy was considerably improved from 2.5 to 1.6 per cent.

You will find further information on our homepage under the category Products/Differential Pressure.



Metrological Certificates

February 2018 - FISCHER now also offers various devices with the comprehensive metrological certification for the countries of the customs union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kirghiz).

For the certified devices, it is therefore confirmed, that the permitted measuring deviations for these devices are confirmed based on measuring-technical and calibration-law inspections. Successful completion of the examinations is followed by the entry in the state register and thereby approval of the devices that is mandatory in many areas. The maximum term application is 5 years.

Metrological certificates must not be confused with EAC certificates that are now maintained under the term of "TR" (technical regulations) and comparable to the CE marking. These certificates apply to the customs union as well.

The following devices have a metrological certificate. A special passport for every device with the associated number have to be entered and must be compiled for every item upon delivery, validity until 07th August 2022:

DA01, DA03, DA08, DA09, DA10, DA12, DE13, DE25, DE27, DE38, DE39, DE40, DE44 (with LCD report), DE45 and DE46 (each with LCD and LED display).

Metrologische Zertifikate

Differential pressure transmitter - special measuring range for particular low-pressure applications (Pa)

February 2017 - For room pressure monitoring (e.g. in clean rooms) FISCHER additionally offers differential pressure transmitters DE23 and DE46 with a measuring range from -20...+80 Pa.

In the past, measuring ranges have been unidirectional, designed for overpressure or negative pressure or larger measuring ranges with lower resolution (for example 0...+100 Pa respectively -100...+100 Pa). The bidirectional measuring range enables safe detection of flow reversal. The measuring range in overpressure enables application in all clean room classes with several pressure levels and the relatively small basic pressure range provides high measuring accuracy.

All sensors of the model range DE23 and DE46 are characterized by long-time stability as well as a very good reproducibility of measuring results.