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Benefit from the innovations of the FISCHER PRO-LINE® and FISCHER EA16 device series

March 2024 - New FISCHER Update Kit is available now. We are proud to offer you our new Update Kit for the FISCHER PRO-LINE® and FISCHER EA16 device series.
With the Update Kit, you can benefit from the innovative further developments of the two device series while still using your existing equipment. The kit gives you access to extended functionalities as well as general product and stability improvements.
Here are some of the new functions and product improvements offered in the current firmware version of the FISCHER PRO-LINE®:


  • Access to switching outputs via the MODBUS interface
  • Extension of the functions of the third mathematical calculation channel
    • Damping
    • Offset
    • Zero-point window
    • Flow measurement
    • Table function
    • Channel addition
  • Improvements to dynamic filter monitoring
    • Minimum degree of contamination
    • Compensation table
    • 5% hysteresis for the minimum degree of contamination
    • Damping
  • The adjustment range of the damping function has been increased from 30 to a maximum of 600 seconds
  • General product and stability improvements
  • General translation corrections


  • Support for FF12 humidity and temperature sensor (successor to FF90)
    • Automatic detection or optional specification of the sensor used
  • Extension of the measured variables to include absolute humidity, dew point and enthalpy
  • The adjustment range of the damping function has been increased from 30 to a maximum of 600 seconds
  • General product and stability improvements
  • General translation corrections

Here are some of the new functions and product improvements offered in the current firmware version of the FISCHER EA16 device series:

  • Support for FF12 humidity and temperature sensor (successor to FF90 and FF62)
    • Automatic detection or optional specification of the sensor used
  • Remote display option
  • Extension of the parameters available via the MODBUS interface
  • Option for the time-controlled blocking of touch inputs
  • Extension of the diagnostic messages in the taskbar
  • Optimisation of humidity and temperature measurement
  • Expansion of the acoustic alarm function to include an optional password lock
  • Free password assignment
  • General product and stability improvements
  • General translation corrections

All devices of the FISCHER PRO-LINE® series can be updated.

A firmware update of the FISCHER EA16 device series can be carried out from version v1.55 onward without any problems. Older versions (v1.52 or lower) may only be updated after prior consultation. You can find information on the current firmware version under the menu path Main Menu/System/System info/.

The Update Kit is available immediately. If you are interested, please get in touch with your current contact person.

FISCHER goes IO-LINK / New Communication System for FISCHER Devices

January 2024 - In respond to the ever-growing demand for modern communication solutions, we have continued our development efforts in this area.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that our FISCHER devices will feature a smart IO-Link interface in the future.

The DE90 as one of the first devices (a digital differential pressure transmitter from the FISCHER PRO-LINE®) will soon be available with an optional IO-Link interface.

The IO-Link interface is utilized to connect intelligent sensors and actuators to an automation system, enabling new application possibilities and offers the user a wide range of benefits:

  • Simplified installation, maintenance and replacement
  • Standardized, interference-free and loss-free transmission of measured values
  • Remote access to parameters and diagnostic data
  • Wide range of options for integration into higher-level bus systems

We have been a member of the PROFIBUS User Organization e.V (PNO) community since last year. For further interesting information please visit the PNO homepage de.profibus.com or the IO-Link topic page www.io-link.com/en/.


The FISCHER ECO-LINE® – The new differential-pressure transmitter DE80

May 2021 – In addition to the high-quality FISCHER PRO-LINE®, the FISCHER ECO-LINE® has now been developed. The new DE80 differential-pressure transmitter is available in 2-wire technology, 3-wire technology and as a Modbus RTU variant.

The differential pressure transmitter from the FISCHER ECO-LINE® is robust, safe against overpressure, maintenance-free and suitable for neutral gas media. Typical areas of application are technical building equipment, clean room technology, filter monitoring, volume flow measurement, the control of frequency inverters, the measurement and monitoring of overpressure, negative pressure and differential pressure.

The measuring ranges for this differential pressure transmitter are between 25 Pa and 25 kPa or 0.25 mbar to 250 mbar. A possible offset correction can be made via a zero point button in the DE80 . Each basic measuring range can be spread into seven predefined measuring ranges via a DIP switch. In the basic measuring range, the maximum measuring error (linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability) is 1.5%.

In addition to the switchable analogue output 0/4 ... 20 mA or 0/2 ... 10 V, the 3-wire version has an optional fully graphic LC display and an optional changeover contact. The 2-wire version has a current loop 4 ... 20 mA and optionally a fully graphic LC display. The Modbus RTU version has an optional full-graphic LC display.

FISCHER PRO-LINE® FT90 Humidity and Temperature Measuring Instrument

July 2020 - The FT90 a part of the FISCHER PRO-LINE® is a humidity and temperature measuring instrument with optional (differential) pressure measurement. The device is suitable for measurement in neutral gases and can be used in hazardous areas – zone 2 and 22 -. The FT90 can be used in many different ways, typical applications include for e.g. room and clean room monitoring, supply and exhaust air systems, filter monitoring, volume flow measurement and process monitoring.

The device is robust and maintenance-free. The handling is easy and offers many features. You will find detailed information in our data sheet. Of course our expert advisors are also available to answer your questions at any time.

Another device from the FISCHER PRO-LINE® is the DE90 with integrated filter monitoring. In our Animation DE90 animation DE90 you can get an overview of the new generation.


Effects of the coronavirus on the delivery situation of our products

June 2020 - We have dealt with this topic (Corona - Covid-19) in detail and are following the development with great attention. There are currently no delivery problems with our FISCHER products.

You can find our statement under the category downloads/certificates.

New Animation - DE90 Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter

May 2020 - The integrated filter monitoring of the FISCHER DE90 makes it possible to securely determine the degree of contamination of the filter at any operating point now. It is now possible, to dispose contaminated filters saftey planned and enviromentally friendly . Undesired interruptions of operations can be mostly avoided.

Our new animation summarises interesting information for you.

Dynamic filter monitoring now also directly possible with the differential pressure transmitter – FISCHER PRO-LINE®

September 2019 - A highlight of the DE90 is the integrated dynamic filter monitoring. This makes it possible to monitor the filters of demand-controlled ventilation systems over the entire operating range and to display the actual filter contamination.

This type of monitoring can lead to considerable savings in energy costs, filter costs and unscheduled downtimes. In addition, the function of dynamic filter monitoring in connection with comprehensive data logging is also available with the universal measured value indicator and data logger EA15.

Differential Pressure Transmitter DE49 for Ex Applications Extended

August 2019 - Due to the demand especially in hazardous areas of Ex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, the measuring ranges of the DE49 series in the low-pressure range have been extended. From now on, devices for the measuring ranges ± 25 Pa to ± 250 Pa are also available. The measuring range – 20 ... + 80 Pa, which is used in particular for monitoring clean rooms, should also be highlighted.

Due to the bidirectional measuring range, a flow reversal can be reliably detected. The DE49 differential pressure transmitter thus rounds off the application range of the DE23 and DE46 series, which are also designed for low-pressure applications.


March 2019 – New technical flyer!
Our multifunctional differential pressure transmitter DE90 can be used for the medium air and neutral gases. We have compiled a flyer with interesting facts and advantages for you. First information can be found in this document. Furthermore, we will present our new device at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt!


FISCHER inTouch EA15

March 2019 - New technical flyer!
Our universal measurement indicator EA15 and data logger monitors, documents and optimises your processes. With a dynamic filter monitoring you can reduce your operating costs.

FISCHER inTouch EA15